A swirling, spiralling dance of shapes and fragments. Synthesis of material and energy, space and time. Colour turns into dimensions, dimensions turn into movement, embracing impermanence and transience. Breathing life into the grey concrete towers we built, commemorating existence with complexity, precision and layers that nurture one’s spirit. Awareness, freedom and celebration.


Energy, transience and essence: The versatile artist DALeast captures fragments of time and space on canvas, paper, and in public. Through his creations, the artist reflects the reality of impermanence, movement and energy through a juxtaposition of abstract and figurative gestures while creating awareness for contemporary topics highlighting environmental issues and the inevitable decay of existence. Beginning his professional journey as a sculptor, DALeast is an ever-exploring and spiritually growing creative who translates his metaphysical content into the materiality and worldly nature of his work.


Through his pieces, spirits return to the urban space as artist-made physical entities moving through time, connecting past, presence and future. DALeast deconstructs their physical nature, commemorating a disappearing existence through his intricate, transcultural visual language that intersects perspectives of traditional Chinese and global contemporary art. He transforms his movement during the creation into dynamic and multidimensional representations of transience that showcase his dedication to details, depth and space. Without any judgement and dictating a form of truth, DALeast provides a fertile ground for viewers to acknowledge, understand and own his work that ultimately becomes the mirror of a person’s subconsciousness.


Creating from a very young age, DALeast explored different mediums before committing to fine arts: He has experimented with traditional Asian practices and Western techniques, delved into new media and found his space in urban art, beginning with Graffiti. When DALeast started studying sculpture, he quickly understood that his joy was connected to public spaces and not confined to formal art education. After dropping out of the fine arts institute and before moving from his hometown to Bejing, he experimented with performative interventions and installations in public spaces alongside the collective CHIRP for a year. In 2010, DALeast moved to South Africa, a prolific time for creating in the studio and in public spaces globally. After 2015, he spent two years travelling and working without a home base before moving to Berlin. These years nurtured his practice and existence, responding to impressions he encountered worldwide. Currently, he is living in Nepal and embracing new inspirations.


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